istock_000004362999xsmallHello and welcome. I’m Mike Zume. This is a blog about first and foremost – starting. Starting an exercise program to change your life.

ZumeWalk is for everyone who wants to belong and participate in a community for walkers, people who exercise or you out there that want to start exercising. I’m going to share ideas, resources and knowledge or listen to your fitness stories because together, we can help. At times, I’m going to be a little tongue and cheek or irreverent, hopefully entertaining and most importantly supportive and informative.

First, I’m no pro athlete, just a regular person that wanted to get back in shape. I use to be in awesome shape and maintained it by walking everyday. I could, five years ago, still fit in my high school jeans but I stopped walking. That’s right, poof, I just stopped. I started a family and had a new company, all at the same time, a bad combination. That’s life. I fell into disrepair. So I started over again. Walking.

This is how it began, I had taken three years off from walking and working out and finally, I had enough. I had gained thirty pounds and this wasn’t me, who I was. So I started walking again (outside) because I realized it was the one exercise that I loved to do and always wanted to do. I use music and my iPod religiously along with the Nike+ online system to measure my results and create my goals.

I’ve walked for over seventeen years. Total approximate miles – 15,500. Last year, I walked six days a week, averaging over 109 miles per month. My goals are to walk 1200 miles in 2008 (done), 1200 miles in 2009 (in progress) and 6000 miles in five years. I’ve lost half of the weight I had gained and know that the other half will come off, with a continued commitment to regular exercise. Again my goal for ZumeWalk, is to share my journey, raise some money for charity, be a part of a community, review some products and hopefully, connect with you along the way.

Thanks and I look forward to learning about you, hearing from you and participating in the process. Walking and blogging.

MikeZ_step by step toward any life goal.